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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
Thomas Davis13 (29.55%)1947352015-06-112015-07-2745 days, 14:29:0551
Peter Dave Hello11 (25.00%)222015-06-182016-01-11206 days, 17:59:44102
Ryan Kirkman10 (22.73%)6062562015-05-312015-12-29211 days, 18:22:3343
pdcamilleri3 (6.82%)662015-11-052015-11-094 days, 1:44:3034
Scott Nelson2 (4.55%)222015-08-122015-08-120:01:1115
theborakompanioni1 (2.27%)23002016-01-082016-01-080:00:0016
rtainc1 (2.27%)10102015-07-262015-07-260:00:0017
Swaroop Hegde1 (2.27%)112015-07-152015-07-150:00:0018
Manuel Dalla Lana1 (2.27%)112015-06-182015-06-180:00:0019
David Winiecki1 (2.27%)332015-10-232015-10-230:00:00110

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Author of Month

MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2016-01theborakompanioni1 (50.00% of 2)Peter Dave Hello2
2015-12Ryan Kirkman2 (66.67% of 3)Peter Dave Hello2
2015-11pdcamilleri3 (50.00% of 6)Peter Dave Hello2
2015-10Peter Dave Hello1 (50.00% of 2)David Winiecki2
2015-08Scott Nelson2 (33.33% of 6)Ryan Kirkman, Peter Dave Hello3
2015-07rtainc1 (25.00% of 4)Thomas Davis, Swaroop Hegde, Peter Dave Hello4
2015-06Thomas Davis12 (70.59% of 17)Ryan Kirkman, Peter Dave Hello, Manuel Dalla Lana4
2015-05Ryan Kirkman4 (100.00% of 4)1

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2016theborakompanioni1 (50.00% of 2)Peter Dave Hello2
2015Thomas Davis13 (30.95% of 42)Ryan Kirkman, Peter Dave Hello, pdcamilleri, Scott Nelson, rtainc9

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DomainsTotal (%)
gmail.com18 (40.91%)
users.noreply.github.com10 (22.73%)
ryankirkman.com10 (22.73%)
dartmouth.edu2 (4.55%)
swaroophegde.com1 (2.27%)
rtainc.co1 (2.27%)
peterdavehello.org1 (2.27%)
aregar.it1 (2.27%)
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