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Why use Skeleton.js?

Why do you need Skeleton.js?

Building a web app nowadays is a challenge. You need to render dynamic views, take care of user inputs, show popups, etc. And if you are building a single page app, life gets even more difficult, since most likely you need a front-end router, templates and more. Skeleton.js is a tiny library, but still it manages to answer all of the above in an elegant, easy-to-use way. give the tutorial 10 minutes and you will see why. Please follow the below order:

  • Templates, Models, Lists
  • Forms
  • Router
  • Functions
  • Subscriptions
  • Starter

But first, please read this short but very clear documentation: skeleton documentation.

Now that you are done reading, in the next tutorial we will start setting up a TodoMVC application, step by step. The full project can be found here.

Guy Peer

By Guy Peer

I am a web developer. Creator of skeleton.js.

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