How to create a custom preset?

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Creating a custom tsParticles preset

Creating a custom preset

You can now create a script with your own preset to use in your website or for distributing it to others. All you have to do is give it a name and set all the options you need it to load correctly. Remember to not import all config, properties not needed can be omitted.

Publish your preset with tsparticles-preset tag on NPM so everyone can find it.

You’ll find a sample below.

Fire preset sample

fire.preset.js - The custom preset script, you can distribute it or reuse in all your websites.

// call this method before initializing tsParticles, this preset will be available in all of your tsParticles instances
// parameters: preset name, preset partial options
tsParticles.addPreset("fire", {
  fpsLimit: 40,
  particles: {
    number: {
      value: 80,
      density: {
        enable: true,
        value_area: 800
    color: {
      value: ["#fdcf58", "#757676", "#f27d0c", "#800909", "#f07f13"]
    opacity: {
      value: 0.5,
      random: true
    size: {
      value: 3,
      random: true
    move: {
      enable: true,
      speed: 6,
      random: false
  interactivity: {
    events: {
      onclick: {
        enable: true,
        mode: "push"
      resize: true
  background: {
    image: "radial-gradient(#4a0000, #000)"

config.json - The config section to add to your config or in your plugin readme to teach others on how to use it.

  "preset": "fire" // this should match the name above, it can be used in array values too, it will be loaded in order like everyone else
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