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Interactive diagrams, charts, and graphs, such as trees, flowcharts, orgcharts, UML, BPMN, or business diagrams

diagram, chart, tree, flowchart, orgchart, uml, bpmn, graphics, editor, inspector, drawing, canvas, shape, svg, hierarchy, node, link, group, vertex, edge, connection, port, label, arrowhead, family-tree, decision-tree, mindmap, tournament, treeview, pipe-tree, genogram, ivr-tree, parse-tree, concept-map, euler, visualization, entity-relationship, er-diagram, friend-wheel, radial, graph-distances, graph-paths, sankey, pert, gantt, timeline, monitor, layer, swimlane, spreadsheet, virtualization, flow, process, state, sequential-function, grafcet, sequence, circuit, record, field, table, dataflow, data-flow, planogram, seating, pipes, overview, palette, comment, layout, grid-layout, tree-layout, force-directed, layered, hierarchical, circular, fishbone, ishikawa, parallel, serpentine, treemap, tree-map, freehand, polygon, polyline, bezier, panel, view, model, databinding, data-binding, binding, transaction, coordinates, subgraph, selection, highlight, tooltip, context-menu, tool, command, validation, button, template, legend, grid, printing

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